Williams & Davis Series 3000C
30 -119BHP(294-1167 kw)
1MM - 4MM Btu/hr
  • 3-Pass Wet-Back
  • Ultra High Efficiencies
  • Field Erectable
  • Long-lasting Heat
    Exchanger Life
Specifications Sales Brochure Specification Text
The Series 3000C boiler is a three pass, horizontal fired flexible firetube boiler. The Series 3000C rugged structural steel skid provides stability during transport and installation. Wide beam flanges distribute weight evenly across the boiler room floor during flooded operation.The boiler's field erectable design increases the heating surface and provides the ideal solution for the demands of a condensing boiler and helps to recover virtually all the latent heat of the flue gas. The Series 3000C boiler will provide fuel to water efficiency of up to 99% at low fire and 97% at high fire with 80 degrees F return water temperature.
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